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Welcome to my home page!

In this home page you will find an abstract of my works through out the years.
These works are combined of architectural design, 3d modeling and architectural presentation.
I hope you enjoy it!


I studied architecture and graduated in 1999. Aside from academic study I started AutoCAD, 3DStudio 4; later I shifted to 3DSMAX and tried to express my ideas in virtual 3D.

The technology of Cad has been growing dramatically during the past decade. After mastering in AutoCAD, I chose Autodesk Architectural Desktop as the ultimate tool for an architect which is based on AutoCad technology and very powerful in terms of project management, object oriented and parametric design.

S. Kamyabsharifi
Kastrupgatan 6
164 41 Kista
Cell:+46 735 600 888